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What is a Virtual Tour ?

Virtual tours and 360° images can be an engaging online marketing aid for Property Sales , Hotels, Guest Houses, Bars, Shops, Tourist Attractions, Restaurants and many other areas.

A virtual tour (also known as 360° or panoramic tour), in its simplest form, is a way of interactively viewing a location remotely via a series of 360° panoramic images. This allows the viewer to ‘look around’ in any direction from multiple fixed vantage points. These panoramas are linked together in a logical way via user clickable ‘hotspots’.  On a phone or tablet you can navigate around the tour and jump from one panorama to another using the touch-screen. On a computer the navigation is with the mouse or keyboard.

Below is an example of a virtual tour around a group of 2 holiday cottages, here on the Isle of Man. (Click the little grey icon in the top right of the tour window to make full-screen for easier viewing).

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